Purpose: This Policy is made to protect the interests of Tires Service Ltd. (hereafter: Tires Service Ltd) and its Distributor, Dealer, and the end user. It shall help in coordinating and settling any disputes between the three parties, thus completing the services of Tires Service Ltd. 

Scope: This Policy is only applicable to the products manufactured and sold by Tires Service Ltd.


This Policy is made as per the relevant Standards of the People's Republic of China issued by China Technology Supervision Bureau or relevant laws of the country of origin. It also combines the technical standard and regulations of Tires Service Ltd.



Proper tire usage, manufactured by Tires Service Ltd . and sold by Tires Service Ltd e (Thailand) SA. 

Manufacturing defects and workmanship for the period of 12 months from the date of invoice of the dealer to its customers and maximum 36 months from the date of shipment by Tires Service Ltd.

If the tire fails during the use due to manufacturing defects, the user shall make the claim to the Distributor or Dealer within 2 days.

Distributor or Dealer shall provide the following information to Tires Service Ltd within 7 days from the date of claim from the users: 

Tire Size

Serial number

Purchase Invoice 

Fitment date 

Clearly marking the defected part of the tire 

Claim Report or properly filled Claim Form issued by Tires Service Ltd  

Clear photo of the failed tire 

Remained tread depth 

Other required information 

The claimed tires shall be kept in a safe place for after-sales person inspection, which shall make the report after assessment. 



Treadwear exceeds 50% of the original pattern depth;

The tire serial number is intentionally abraded or altered;

The claimed tire has been repaired, buffed, retreated or reproved; 

The claim is due to misuse of the product and improper application (such as in case of irregular air pressure, overloading, excessive speeding, vehicle having mechanical defects, irregular and unstable rims, etc.); 

The claimed defect is due to normal wear and tear of the tire; 

The claimed defect is due to non-compliance with the provision of storage. 

Manufacture Defects include To write only this no need for explanation and details

Tread, shoulder and sidewall separation, sidewall bubble, side wall splice, and ply separation etc

Bead separation

Radial crack 

Breaker Edge separation 

Inner Liner 



Replacement can be done when manufacture defect is found prior to use

Under the following circumstances, replacement can be executed free of charge when manufacture defect is found:

Tread wear less than 4 mm for TBB tires 

Tread wear less than 3 mm for TBR tires 

Tread wear less than 50% of original pattern depth for PCR tires 

Tread wear less than 10% of original pattern depth for OTR tires 

Remained pattern depth more than 6mm for LTB tires 

Should the tread wear is out of the above specified, tread wear charge shall be imposed. 

Tread wear measurement shall be according to international standard by specified tools.

For TBR tires, if sidewall bubble and tread wear less than 5 mm, compensation can be done; if more than 5 mm, no compensation;

If the user continues using impact tires caused by foreign object impact, Tires Service Ltd.  shall not be responsible for any failure;

No compensation for any claimed tires without tire serial numbers;

No after-sales services shall be attended for those who fail in payment;

For any settled claimed tires, the trademark shall be buffed if the dealer wants to sell them; we have to cut or damage the tire and remove the serial number such tires should not be sold or reclaimed


Tread wear charge (USD) =[ (Original Pattern Depth – Remained Pattern Depth)÷(Original Pattern Depth – Safe Pattern Depth)] x 100% x Selling Price (USD) 

Safe Pattern Depth: 

Truck and Bus tire: 3mm; 

Light truck tire: 2 mm;

Passenger car tire: 1.5 mm 

Claims shall be made to Tires Service Ltd.  email:  sales@tyreserviceltd.com