RE-71R’s top performance POTENZA tire. Combined with a stylish tread pattern. Improves street grip performance. And control the road on dry roads to full capacity.

  • High tacking performance on every curve in the racetrack.
  • Incorporate the racetrack with overwhelming response.

Experience the ultimate driving excitement.
Potenza Adrenilin RE003 is ready to rock you forward with all the excitement.
With perfect features.

  • – driving all the driving Fill in all conditions. Give you precise and instant control on dry roads.
  • – assure every situation Safe with efficient stop-over and responsive control on wet roads.
  • – Stylish with sporty design. With the A Mark symbol inherited in adrenaline rubber on asphalt tires and treads asymmetric. (Treads on the inside and outside are not equal. Enables better bend performance.) Driving on the road is sporty.
  • Accelerate full performance.
  • Controlled in all conditions.
  • Relax with gentle silence.
  • Selected tires are fitted as standard tires for the world’s leading luxury motor vehicles. One of the proofs demonstrates the trust in outstanding performance and excellent quality.
  • Top performance tires at high speeds. From the development of technology to steering control and steering response is excellent. Both in dry road conditions and wet roads.


  • Including tread pattern design. Degree of placement And the tread thickness increases the strength and performance, driving the brakes and reducing the occurrence of watery well.