The Best of Technology for Value With the tread design to withstand all weather conditions, the Firestone TZ700 long life. It also provides a soft and comfortable. And the road is good.

  • Long service life, cost effective and efficient.
  • Smooth, smooth, noise-canceling and soft-driving.
  • Good road hold Treads are designed to work well in all weather conditions. And to improve the road tire tread better. Both on dry and wet roads.
Fit any lifestyle
perfectly all the riders
for the way you look.
Firestone … the right tire In every day driving environment, the value of life, life, safe driving, safe on the road, dry and wet, soft and soft throughout the route, cost- effective, well worth the price, all the needs for all driving. Based on the results of a perfect blend of soft and safe value for most of the balance. Suitable for all lifestyles perfectly.

The tire that fits all the answers.

Another level of creativity to meet the current propulsion is seamless. Accept all style of driving is excellent. Give both softness. Ensure all driving rhythm. And the most efficient fuel economy.

F01 The design is meticulously developed with the concept of
smooth ride 3S Smooth Ride
– a new structure. Designed for a smoother ride. With tread pattern that reduces noise while driving.
Safety Ride Safety Ride
– Special Tread improves road grip performance. Full water efficiency Reduces water retention.
Save Fuel Energy
– Special formula rubber. Tire structure and tread design with advanced technology. To reduce the rotation resistance of the tire. It saves energy efficiently.